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We have deliveries monthly.  Some are very small deliveries to a family's home while some are larger as we work with the schools, clinics and other non-profit organization that helps children. We are very respectful of the families involved and we keep a limited number of volunteers on each mission.  Our families are prideful of their belongings and homes.  We are helping them move forward in the utmost respect and honor.

If we all put one foot in front of the other, we can change lives.   We all work as a volunteer.  We need shoes! If you cannot find a way to bring shoes here, we do allow you to donate money so we can buy shoes for children here.  Please help our fundraiser so we can help children.  You can adopt a family, or help with our shipping costs or even buy socks for the children.  Every dollar makes a difference!  We thank you!!

Helping children one step at a time with better shoes. We put the shoes on the child's foot to ensure proper size and health as they grow. We give black shoes for their school requirement and tennis shoes for physical education.

Find your inner power by helping others

Costa Rica is a beautiful place to vacation with its fabulous beaches, adventure tours and amazing climate.  But, there is another world of children going to school, trying to play sports and growing up with a family or sometimes alone.  These children need shoes.  They need school shoes to complete their school uniform.  They need running shoes to learn to play sports without wearing flip flops or no shoes.  One pair of shoes will help a child feel so special.  They typically wear old shoes from an older sibling or flip flops.  So many people travel to Costa Rica.  If we each brought one pair of shoes in the luggage, you can help one child have a better future.  It is that simple!

Shoe Drop Off Centers in Costa Rica:

Sea Hag Clothing in Playa Del Coco

Instituto Estelar Bilingue in Liberia

Shape Up Herbalife Studios, Playa del Coco

Costa Connection Property Management, Pacifico Village, Playa Del Coco

Paradise Specialists

Shoe Drop Off Centers in United States:

We have several in the US.  Please email Lisa Garrett at 

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Giving children of Costa Rica hope one step at a time.